How long does marijuana stay in the body?

Picture this: you have just landed you dream job and your face is beaming with excitement. I know the feeling! At the bottom of your letter of offer it reads “routine marijuana drug test”.

And Boom! You are there. Panic sets in. When was the last time you consumed marijuana? Is it 3 weeks or yesterday? Can it show on your drug test?

Under normal circumstances it may take 30 days, the answer is not definite. There are various drug testing techniques available to check the sensitivity and time it takes to stay in your system.

how long does weed stay in your system

But you know what else, each person is unique biologically therefore, this affects the detection window for the drug result to be positive. Basically, it varies from one person to the other. Also, how frequent you use the drug and in what quantities determine if it will be detectable.

How marijuana testing works

When you consume cannabis, the chemical component called THC present in marijuana penetrates your urine, blood, sweat, Saliva, fingernails, hair, and breath therefore testing is performed on them.

For an occasional smoker it takes 10 days for the drug to stay in your system whereas regular smokers would last 45 days. On the other hand if constantly smoke the weed it could last 90 days for your system to be clean.

Urine test: If you rarely smoke it takes less than 1 week to be clean. Frequent users will last 3-50 days to become clean.

Blood Test: For recent usage let’s say hours or a day a simple blood test should be able to turn positive. With a blood test it can take up to six months after consuming the drug to turn positive.

Hair test: The hair has the longest detection window even after 90 days of terminating consumption of the weed you can still test positive.

Metabolism rate: Skinny people have faster metabolism rate so the drug is expelled from their system faster.THC is capable of accumulating in the fat tissues storing Marijuana metabolites in your body, so it is released slowly taking your body longer to purge itself of marijuana.


Is it possible to prevent a positive test or speed up the detoxification process? Obviously, it is true. Of course quitting smoking is the best option. However, second hand smoking also exposes one and as a result you may also test positive. In this case you can get THC out of your system using few easy methods that I will describe in my next post.